Vinyl fencing is an attractive, cost-effective fencing material for your yard. It requires very little work to maintain since vinyl is resistant to water damage and other common issues encountered when using other fence types. It is also much stronger than wood, making it an ideal fencing solution for many situations.

With minimal maintenance and regular care, your vinyl fence should last for up to 30 years. Below are care tips to ensure your fence lasts a long time.


Although a very durable material, vinyl will crack or break if something heavy or solid scrapes or strikes it. Flying debris and lawnmowers are common destroyers of vinyl fencing.
Because of this, avoid using machinery such as weed whackers and lawnmowers near your fence. Consider putting decorating mulch along either side of your fence to eliminate the need to use lawnmowers or weed trimmers in close proximity.


Soil erosion or age can cause fence posts to start leaning. These posts support the entire fence structure, so catching a leaning post early can prevent damage and destruction to the fence. Posts near gates are at increased risk of leaning due to the heaviness of the gate and increased use of the fence in that area. Once a post starts to lean, the entire fence will start leaning as well.
As soon as you notice a leaning post or fence section, call a fencing expert to reinforce the post and fence before vinyl sections break or fall down.


A beautiful climbing vine can add warmth and beauty to your fence and yard space. Be aware, however, that some vines are much heavier than others and can pull a fence down with their weight. Others can grow between fencing slats and warp them. Consult your fencing contractor to learn about vine attachments for your fence that provide a way for the vine to grow up your fence without damaging the vinyl. Vines such as honeysuckle and clematis are lightweight and are good options to add beauty without risking the integrity of your fence structure.


Pets and children can be hard on fences, digging underneath the structure or climbing over the fence. Shorter vinyl fences such as vinyl picket fences are particularly susceptible to this type of damage. Help deter digging by placing tent stakes along the edge of your fence and set strict rules to ensure gates and household doors are used to enter and exit the fenced area. In addition, make climbing less tempting by keeping chairs, buckets, wood piles, and other climbing aids away from the fence.


Vinyl fences are easy to wash and require only a garden hose to keep them free of debris or stains. Stubborn stains can be scrubbed away with a rag and mild dish soap, followed by a rinse with the hose.
Washing your fence has two benefits. First, it will keep the fence clean and new looking for a longer period of time. Second, regular cleaning will help you notice flaws such as cracks or leaning fence posts and get them repaired before the damage spreads.


Ask your fencing expert how often you should have your fence inspected. Periodic inspections help preserve the life of your fence by catching and repairing any issues early and also keep your fence’s warranty in effect.

Ease of care makes vinyl fencing a popular choice. The professionals at Ivy Fence Company will not only help you choose the fence type and design that will fulfill the vision you have for your yard but will also construct that fence with years of expertise ensuring it’s done right and will hold up for years to come. Call us today at (662) 842-3431to schedule a consultation and free estimate.

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