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Commercial Fences

Trust Ivy Fence Company in Tupelo, MS for Expert Commercial Fencing Solutions

At Ivy Fence Company, our industry experience ensures we understand your needs and execute a successful project each and every time. We offer competitive pricing which maximizes the return on investment your company will see when working with Ivy Fence. We have a proficient team of installers and service reps which emphasize our local reputation for delivering unparalleled quality and innovation while keeping our pricing competitive.

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Commercial Fence Options

At Ivy Fence Company in Tupelo, MS, we offer a diverse range of commercial fence styles and options to suit your specific needs:

  1. Chain Link Fences: A cost-effective and durable option for securing your commercial property while maintaining visibility.

  2. Ornamental Iron Fences: Enhance the aesthetics of your business with elegant and sturdy iron fences, offering both security and style.

  3. Security Fences: Protect your assets with high-security fences and gates designed to deter trespassers and ensure maximum protection.

  4. Privacy Fences: Shield your business from prying eyes with our privacy fence options, providing a secure and secluded environment.

  5. Wood Fences: Achieve a classic and timeless look with our wooden fences, offering both privacy and natural beauty.

  6. Vinyl Fences: Low maintenance and versatile, vinyl fences provide a sleek and modern appearance while ensuring durability.

  7. Electric Fences: Opt for added security with our electric fences, equipped with advanced technology to keep intruders at bay.

Our expert team at Ivy Fence Company will help you select the perfect commercial fence style that meets your requirements. Contact us today for a consultation and let us elevate the security and aesthetics of your business.

Commercial Fence Projects

Commercial Fence Questions

What type of commercial fencing do you offer?
We offer chain link, wood, ornamental iron or aluminum, and vinyl fence options.
What gauge fencing is recommended for commercial property?
We recommend gauge 9 chain link fence for commercial property.
What color privacy slats are available for chain link fencing?
We keep a supply of green or black privacy slats. If another color is needed we can order it for you..
Do you keep fence supplies in stock?
Yes, we build your fence in-house.
Is there a cost for an estimate?
No, even our commercial clients have the opportunity to receive a free estimate.

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