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Should I Put a Fence on My Property Line?

June 17th, 2019   Category: Fence Design

Planning Your Fence Layout

Installing a fence is an exciting process. Once you have chosen the fence style, you will also need to decide the best layout for your fence. This is a crucial step, as poor planning can result in fines or even worse. If a fence is not installed in accordance with local regulations or placed appropriately with regard to the property line you may have to move it. Follow the steps below to make sure your fence layout satisfies local restrictions and regulations.

  1. Schedule a Survey

    If your fence will run near your property line, it is extremely important to have your property surveyed. A surveyor will stake the exact position of your property line. This helps you be sure that you install your fence in areas of your yard that you know will not incur fines or worse yet, require fence relocation after installation.

  2. Examine Local Regulations

    Cities and counties have differing setback restrictions. A setback restriction requires you to place your fence a certain distance back from the property line. Being aware of all local regulations before planning your fence layout will ensure the fence is placed in a legally permissible location.

  3. Talk to Your Neighbors

    Once you are aware of local fencing restrictions and have surveyed your property, discuss your fencing plans with your neighbors. If your fence will border the neighbor’s yard, telling them your plans and asking if they have any concerns will avoid potential conflicts down the road. This shows them that you are trying to be considerate of how the fence will affect their yard and view. It also demonstrates that you have researched the property line to ensure proper fence placement.

Designing the perfect layout for your fence

Once you have completed these steps, work with your fencing design specialists to finalize your plan and get the installation started! The design professionals at Ivy Fence Company will help you design a layout that will maximize the function of your fence and make your yard look amazing. Our years of expertise mean your installation will be quick and frustration-free. Call us at (662) 842-3431 to schedule a consultation and free estimate.